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It's been a crazy two years, and I know I'm definitely going to miss parts of STing.  However, I passed burn-out four or five months ago, so I was really ready to be done.  I'm just glad my last game was as much fun for me as it was.  Nobody jumped on the crazy plot idea I had, which was too bad because now Ryan gets to just sweep it under the rug like it never happened.  You see, it involved a creepy doll prop.

Anyway, feel free to tell me what you really thought of me as an ST now that I can't GNC you.  :p

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So I'm sitting in my Pathology class, and we got a test back tonight which we took last week.  Oh wait, I'm sorry, this was a quiz.  A 30 question quiz.  Which was "easy" in the teacher's eyes.  I was pretty sure I'd bombed it when I left class last week, but then, I hadn't really done much reading, so I figured I kind of deserved it.

I got a 21/30.  70% is not bad, and acceptable, I figured, for a test which everyone else I'd spoken to also felt that they'd bombed.

Somehow I got the highest score, and consequently have the highest grade in the class.  Life isn't fair.
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Definition: Someone who continues to participate in situations of holiday cheer despite personal discomfort.

There is now a word to more accurately define my feelings. I feel liberated.
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There's an interesting idea wasted.

I just had a great idea on how to spin the political situation in my game while reading talk on the Tremere list about it. Sadly, I can't speak up as my PC because I ST the game where my advice would possibly be taken.


This was brilliant, creating loopholes in the status packet stuff too.
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Yeah. It would take something like this to get me to post again, I guess. For those who know me, you know why it's a big deal. For those who don't, it's my favorite movie, and I have a Boondock Saints bumper sticker and a patch on a coat that looks very similar to the wool coats Connor and Murphy wear. I can quote the brothers' prayer, as well as much of the rest of the movie. The only time I've ever killed a PC in LARP, I did it Boondock Saints style with two clanmates. I will bring the movie up whenever possible.

So I saw All Saints Day last night (I'm torn about whether it's last night or tonight... on the one hand, it's 5 in the morning... on the other, I haven't slept yet). I'd had hardcore bad feelings about it. From the moment I learned there was a limited release to the moment I saw a screenshot of a character who dies in the first movie, I had this visceral expectation that I'd be disappointed.

Well, I was surprised. Shocked, even. All Saints Day is a thrilling mix of hilarious one-liners, banter, and comedic situations amidst a serious and action-packed plot. This movie had a lot of exposition in it as well. You learn a lot about the background story in this one.

Overall, I loved it. I laughed loudly and often, and I had a smile on my face throughout a fair portion of the movie. I was thrilled to have seen it in theaters, and I imagine I will see it in theaters at least once more. Perhaps more than that.

I'm really just happy that the fanboy in me didn't have to take a shot to the nuts. I feel like I now owe karma one.

Anyway, if you were on the fence, go see the movie. You'll like it.

And now it's time for me to try to sleep.

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Yesterday I filled out the application paperwork with Rasmussen College to get enrolled in their Massage Therapy program.  Today I made the transcript request from the U and just finished the skills evaluation placement test Rasmussen requires.  It was definitely easier than an ACT/SAT type of thing.  I feel a little smarter than usual now.  Heh.

Today's actually turning out to be fairly productive.  I ran some errands earlier, and I'm now doing laundry.  It's always good to get things done before the weekend.  Tomorrow I'm having lunch with someone I haven't seen for over a year and a half.  She's someone I have strong feelings for, and I know she has feelings for me as well.  I'm not sure what direction things are going to go, but it's exciting just the same.  If nothing else, it'll be great to have seen her again.

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